Tired legs after work? Here's how to manage!


E.C | Pharmacist

1/11/20232 min read

Do you constantly feel tired after work? Do your legs hurt and you can barely stand up? Are you experiencing constant soreness and sometimes even swelling? This article will guide you through a few tips on how to prevent and manage this.

persons feet on water
persons feet on water
  1. Wearing compression stockings

    If your work includes standing up for long hours, compression stockings might be a solution for your tired legs. Compression stockings help to apply pressure on your legs which leads to better blood circulation, reduced discomfort and swelling as well as prevention of appearance of the varicose veins. They come in different lengths: thigh length or below knee and in different classes: class I, II and III. Below you can find information on the difference between compression levels.

  1. Taking magnesium supplements or eating food rich in magnesium

    Magnesium is a type of mineral which helps on maintaining muscle function, energy production as well as the nervous system health. It does this by helping in oxygen absorption to the cells. Taking magnesium supplements helps to improve muscle fatigue and pain. Incorporating food containing magnesium in your diet is crucial as well to help maintain muscle health. Some foods which contain magnesium include: spices, nuts, cocoa, coffee, tea, green leafy vegetables.

  1. Drinking tonic water

    Drinking tonic water has health benefits when it comes to muscle pain. The reason for this is that it contains an ingredient called quinine which helps to improve muscle cramps. Quinine is sometimes used as a medicine prescribed by doctors for people who suffer from leg cramps especially during nighttime.

  1. Epsom salts bath

    Taking a bath with epsom salts after work can be one of the most comforting solutions when it comes to tired legs and muscle pain in general. Epsom salts have healing properties which help to absorb magnesium into the skin hence causing relaxation of the muscles and relieving stress.

    Except this, epsom salts help to reduce inflammation, body toxins and improve digestion.

compression stockingscompression stockings
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